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once upon a time, in the pale mists and dangerous thug-inhabited threatening streets of milford, ct, in the early spring of 2003, when we were knee high to grasshoppers and field mice, arsonata was known as a wussy "melodic" drop d hardcore band called "fellfromstars". we played only a handful of shows with bands like in pieces, invocation of nehek, for her i can be a hero, and so on. then in the middle of the summer of 2003, fellfromstars decided to take action against their stewpid band name, and even lamer music, and took upon a new form of the same band, same members, but different music.

the "new" band chose the name "arsonata" because it sounded original, had a good ring to it, and didnt have anything to do with crying, broken thick-rimmed glasses, stars, crying, girls, tissues, tears, blood, or crying. 4 songs were written, and played at their first show at the infamous oddfellas gallery in stratford, ct w/ for her i can be a hero and cyrus the unsinkable.

the band as a whole is young. still in high school, while some members will move on soon enough, and while others are still learning to tie shoes and wipe asses. dave shields likes girls a lot, we think, and also is good at screaming, but more so because he couldnt buy the newest jeans at gap because he spent all his money on the large supply of axe deoderant sprays. just kidding. neil smith is known for driving our sorry asses around along to the song "taking care of business", playing guitar faster than something that is real fast and killing small children while doing it. nick robinson believes a lot in breaking equipment while playing it, but not on purpose, typing up pointless biographies, and listening to emo and crying while no one is looking. kai robinson creates dreams with his mind and someday will either move to china to persue "wushu martial arts" or brazil to become some type of capoeira god. kevin carroll is also known as the best white free style rapper in milford, only because he's got mad style, and will slap you with his bass, aka slapbass.

arsonata doesnt strive to be the most original and innovative band on the face of the planet, but rather to be their own group with their own goals, and to create a mass sound of music that can be described as "metal" "heavy stuff" or whatever you'd like. our influences include such artists like blood has been shed, between the buried and me, circle of dead children, ion dissonance, as the sun sets (old and new), into the moat, so on and so forth. and we dont hold any certain message in our music. we believe the music itself should hold the "message". not some half-assed explanation about why our lives arent working because a certain good looking girl in school doesnt like us (...ha-ha!).

the band has a 4-song demo, songs with not amazing quality, but good enough to get "the idea". you can purchase them at shows, and/or download a few songs of the cd on this website some-place.

to get to know more, instant message, or email the following:

nick robinson
email -
aim - food for crows. :

arsonata is ...
dave shields - vocals
neil smith - guitar
nick robinson - guitar
kai robinson - drums
kevin carroll - bass